Starrys Obazei

What a way to die by killing one’s killer!
This is the story of Mr. Ponle, who was said to have gone to the residence of his ex-wife and threatened to kill her if she did not return to his house, according to The Punch.
The woman had abandoned the wife-beater husband, who neighbours explained was fond of beating the woman, at times almost to the point of death. Their fights were said to have become a community matter as the woman was hospitalized on many occasions until she decided to move out of his house a month ago when she rented an apartment on the same street.”
The police spokesperson said the suspect, stalked the wife, Lateefat, who avoided him several times.
He was said to have gone to her house last Thursday and threatened to burn her alive, as she fled.
According to the report: “Mr. Ponle went back to the victim’s house on Saturday night and met her praying. He poured petrol on her in the room and set her ablaze, but the woman managed to grab him to ensure they burned together until people intervened. They were rushed to a nearby hospital where the woman was confirmed dead.”
Initially, the man survived and was arrested by the police, but according to the police, the man also died later, on Sunday.

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