By Ed Malik, A | October 28, 2022

The founding Director General of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Governors Mandate Network, Earl Osaro Onaiwu has called the governors to take seriously the security alert issued by the United States government and meet urgently to discussed the implication.

In a Press statement on Friday, the former DG said that, the governors are the major stakeholders in our democracy because they are the direct repository of the people’s mandate as they were elected, saying that “they must take any threat to the sustainability of burgeoning democracy very seriously”.

“The executive arm of government officials who are running the policy thrust of governance, are in real terms, appointed by a single individual, maybe the President and can only work the whims and pleasure of the one who appointed them, hence they are not able to make definitive decisions.”

“But the governors are not so because they hold in trust the direct brief of the Nigerian people and are accountable to them, primarily”, noting that these onerous mandates put them in position to act in the interest of Nigerians, on any issue.”

Continuing, Earl Osaro said, it behooves the Governors as responsible stakeholders to protect our democracy whenever any threat, real or imagined is identified.

“Hence, they (governors), unlike the FG officials, must not sweep under the carpet the recent security alert by the US government as nothing, even as we have observed the US embassy officials leaving Abuja suddenly”, which is a flag for our security drivers to take seriously.”

The former DG, who is also a political communications consultant, enjoined the governors to get the details from the US officials and also, seek the opinions of security experts to give them a critical appraisal of the situation, he said.

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