Starrys Obazei

Motorists and commuters today, Sunday, July 31, were delayed or ‘detained’ at a Police checkpoint around Kara Bus-stop, Isheri, Lagos, part of Lagos-Ibadan Express Road, close to OPIC Office, when a BUA truck carrying cement and many other vehicles were stopped by the police.

The situation almost caused an accident but was averted by the dexterity of a young driver who almost ran into the Police van and other vehicles lined up for extortion.

Most of the victims of this ugly incident were held up for more than two hours as Hausa youth, mostly Okada riders, began protesting the police extortion by refusing to evacuate the road, according to an eye-Witness.

The protest would have turned to another thing all together until the Seriki of the Hausa people in the area intervened.

Then the traffic began flowing again.

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