For Isaac Anozie, he found out that the best way to give his life a meaning, was to get involved in the service of others. But the connect did not resonate attractively both in terms of financial reward and service to humanity until he found a product that gave him such compound fulfilment, that he has become a mobile testimony that spreads health fertilizer contained in a bottle that he calls “clinic in a bottle”. In an interview with Ed Malik, A; the editor-in-chief of, Anozie tells the story of how he got involved in the Jigsimur business that put him in the path of health and financial independence.

DDNEWS: Mr. Anozie, please, can you tell us what motivated you to go into Jigsimur business?

Mr. Anozie: First of all, I have so much interest on health, people’s health generally. You know, having seen that this is a product that has solution to several ailments, that really attracted and caught my attention. So, I said if I can have this product, just a single product that’ll be a solution to several ailments, it’s nice and it means I’ll be a solution to a lot of people’s ailments and health challenges. That was my major motivation.

At what point did you discover that Jigsimur can truly works?

Firstly, a client came to me and introduced the product. Her coming to me was timely because this was a period that I was treating my wife’s ailment. So, the client came, a lady, and said this product takes care of several ailments, even HIV. I got upset and even told her to get out of my house. That how can one products cure several ailments, including HIV, so, I told her to leave my house out of anger because I didn’t believe her.

So, when she left, after having another thought, I was like, what if this is true? But if this is true, that means this will go a long way. So, on that second thought, I called her back to bring the product. She got me one of the products. I looked at the content, I saw the Aloe Ferox plant from South Africa. I went online to make research on this and Aloe Ferox plants. When I got information on what this Aloe Ferox plant can do, I was so amazed. I was like if these Aloe Ferox plant can do all of this, it means that the product will really work.

From there, I sent money to her to give me eight bottles, because, then my wife was having this issue of ovarian cysts, which she had operated but it started growing back from the same source and now that I came across this product than cure every ailment, also, you know, based on my findings with faith, we both started using it. Even at that period she was trying to conceive as we had been married for like five years. The reason being that she had this ovarian cyst that had to be operated. This ailment had been hindering conception.

Then we started taking Jigsimur. After about three months, she found out, that all the pelvic pain and other terrible pains she had been experiencing as a result of this ovarian cyst, had stopped and we were very grateful. After sometime, about three months, she started feeling some kind of feverish condition, pain and all that again. I was so skeptical and wondered what the problem could be, so we went back to the hospital and checked. She was tested and we found out there was no trace of the ailment in her system. We discovered from the report that the medicine has ruptured the ovarian cyst. Another test was carried out which is pregnancy test and eventually we are told that she had conceived. She was even three weeks pregnant or so. We were overjoyed and happy.

Eventually, we realized that this medicine had done it. In a way, we also saw on the bottle that it treats infertility, weak erection and others. It became the solution to that ovarian cyst and we got the result. Having seen that, I told myself that I’m going to go all out to promote this business and that was a great motivation for me.

Now, before you got involved in Jigsimur business, what were you doing? And now that you are doing this, what is the difference?

I was working with a company in assets management and also doing my own printing business, lab format and all that on the side. So, I was running my personal business and also my company. After barely two months in the business, when I saw what was coming in from this Jigsimur business, I was wowed as a Jigsimur distributor and also a stockist.

So, I thought if this business brings in this much, what if I devote all my time into it? This thought made me to resign from my company. I saw that my resignation enabled me to make an increase in my small business but what was coming in was like one percent of what I was making from Jigsimur. Quickly, I decided to give my 100% time to it. That was how I resigned from my personal business, I resigned from my company and fully got into this Jigsimur business, which is what I’m doing presently, the whole time.

Then as God will have it, within four months of my business, because by that time, I had done the business for like three months, I qualified for Mercedes SUV ML350 4matic Jeep. That was my first award in the business. It was a great transformation financially and also, incentive-wise. It was a high motivation and also a big advantage for me.

Generally, what is the reward system of the Jigsimur business that you benefitted from in terms of prizes or bonuses?

First of all, being in the business, you are a freelancer on your own and also, an entrepreneur on your own. As you get the products, you make what we call immediate profit. The immediate profit is not given to the company. The profit is for you, and at the same time the company has a very wonderful payment plan and reward system, that pays you every week. The company pays you bonuses every week as you do the business because as you’re buying from the company, we are getting points which is also equivalent to money, which the system converts into money. And at the same time, as you bring in people too, at the end of the week, they calculate the activities you’ve done that week, then the following week, they start crediting into your bank account.

So, they have different ways of payments, up to five different ways of payments. You earn your referral bonus as you bring people. The numbers of people you bring on weekly basis is equivalent to the amount you’re given. Presently, it’s N5,000 for one person that you bring as a referral bonus. Not even that, as you’re bringing in the people, registering the people, which mean as you bring people, you’re registering them into the system. As you register them into the system, you are getting points. Points are coming from such registration.

The system also calculates the points and pay you. That is where the money is huge as you can see. You’re also leveraging on everybody in your network, whatever. Like, as at when I started, the kind of people that got into the business, I didn’t have the financial level of buying up to N5 million worth of product. But I’ve gotten some people that put in N5 million, some N10 million, some of them got even as huge as 7,000 points on their own and eventually, being that they’re on my network, the points also came to me and the system converted it into cash and that also added to the total earnings.

So, the earnings are huge. Depending on the account you have, you can make up to N1.2 million on weekly basis, just on the bonuses alone on weekly basis. As you’re earning that, the same point is accumulating for your incentive like this Mercedes, it’s accumulating for international trip and is also accumulating for what you call cash award, monthly cash award. For the fact that you’re earning on a weekly basis, at the end of the month, there’s also a renumeration that’s accrued to you as you qualify for it as a result of the point. Then having built your business, qualifying for the monthly cash award is very easy because you are leveraging from the effort of everybody under your network till infinity.

Even If you have, some persons, distributors who are abroad, in US, in Ghana, anywhere in the world, all the efforts, everything is accruing to you and the company pays you on that and that is why we talk about Jigsimur: ‘it works and it pays’. And we also say this one: ‘too much money everywhere, you’re earning on every angle’.

In trying to market or introduce Jigsimur business to people, what have been your greatest hindrance or challenge?

The challenges are there. Mostly, people are skeptical, the people have a misunderstanding on networking, the level of understanding in this part of the world, in Nigeria networking is porous. That’s why as we talk to people about it, the first thing they’ll say is I don’t know how to bring people. They look at it as based on just bringing people. Every business revolves on bringing people, there is no business without people. It depends on your mind-set and how you go about things. So, because of that, we have packaged it in a way that you don’t market to people to come into your networking business. What we market mostly now is the health challenges. The problem people have in their health which we have a solution to in the product. We market our product based on the solution it proffers and that’s how I came in, seeing that the product works and gave results. Seeing the results, I thought of what more I can get and ventured into the business.

So, people don’t like hearing coming into a business that you’ll bring people and all that. That’s one of the challenges. Again, people don’t see it to be real. They think it’s an arrangement between the person and the company. It’s another challenge. Truly, it’s real and saving lives and transforming people financially, health wise and all that.

One last question. What will you advise people about this product?

What I really have to say is that there’s no product that’s not worth trying. Based on this product, I’ve had same discouragement when I heard this one single product cures everything but eventually, I personally took time to make research and got convinced before coming in. There’s nothing that’s not possible, so, just have an open mind on the product. And surely the product convinced me and everything that’s being said on the product is exactly what it does. It’s so remarkable, it’s amazing and that is the secret and the key to why we’re making this real fast progress.

Thank you Mr. Isaac Anozie. We wish you well in your business. It’s been nice speaking with you. Thank you.

Thank you very much. It’s my pleasure, sir.

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