28th of June 2022| 5:35 PM

The affected rider wrote to Bolt about his encounter with a Bolt driver, who charged
N2,000 from Alausa to Iju-Ishaga, near Cadbury, Agidingbi, Lagos. He was deactivated
for trying to cheat a commuter and operating offline.

Please, read the piece sent to both Bolt, and DDNewsonline on condition of anonymity

My driver Lanre complained bitterly about going to my destination. I told him not to
worry that I could request another ride. He was murmuring badly. I asked him why and
assured him there wasn’t traffic at 9:35 p.m. going to my place.

He told me to pay offline and I refused. He told me he wanted to check my phone to see
the maximum amount. He saw it was N1,300 and he said I should give him N2,000 and
I refused.

He said then I should give him N1500 and I also refused. I told him I didn’t want an
offline trip and that I’d find another driver. He was still moving the car and complaining. I
told him to stop that I could even walk to where I’d get Keke and take it to Ogba before
taking a bike to Ishaga.

He touched his phone and he said he’d take me. I thought he had started the ride. I
didn’t check my app again. I was on a call from Alausa to Ishaga. But getting there I told
him to end the ride and he told me he never started it.

He asked for N1,500 and said if I didn’t want to give him that exact amount I should go
with the money. He was trying to manipulate things. He was just too desperate and

I told him I would pay him the exact max on the app and I did and walked away. He was
not professional at all and I never want to have a similar experience like that again. I’m
very generous and polite to your Bolt drivers, but this one doesn’t care about the
company at all.

He’s using the company as a front to do his personal taxi offline work by making threats
of refusing to go to the destination just to manipulate riders into doing offline trips and
when you ride with him he does offline without permission.

This is completely wrong. I just had to share my experience. If it was a lady he would
have really intimidated her.

Bolt’s Rapid Response

We believe you may be facing a safety related issue! Our Support team will get back to
you immediately. While you’re waiting, please evaluate the situation. If you or someone
else is in immediate danger or if you have been involved in an accident and you think
police and/or ambulance need to be involved, please call them and move to a safe area
if needed and possible.

If it’s a less serious situation, please wait for our Support team to answer your request.

A Bolt support specialist has joined

(Bolt Support specialist takes over, saying:)


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I sincerely apologize for the security breach the actions of the driver posed towards you.

Please, know that Bolt takes the safety and security of all riders and drivers on the
platform seriously, hence, the driver’s account has been deactivated from the platform,
so it is not repeated in the future.

Be assured that Bolt is committed to your safety/seamless experience on a ride and we
encourage you to report any form of misconduct during your trip and they will be
resolved promptly and objectively.

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience this must have caused you.

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