Paschal Emeka, Abuja | 2.15pm 1st Of June 2022

Oro ethnic nationality in Akwa Ibom State has claimed that it is the most marginalized group in the country despite her huge human and material contribution to the state and Federal Government of Nigeria.
In his speech at the event to mark the Union’s 2022 Founders/Remembrance of Fallen Heroes’ Day in Abuja, the president of Oron Union in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Barr. Remeguis Edebianga lamented the backwardness of the group which he blamed on selfish leaders from the area.
The Union president further alleged that political leaders from the area have refused to do the expected, claiming that they usually seek selfish interest and personal ambition against the common wish of the people.
“We must tell ourselves the truth, the current crop of political leaders representing us are not sincere to us, and they prefer to pursue their selfish and individual interest ahead of our collective interest of Oro people, those who elected them into offices’, he emphasized.
The union president in Abuja further disclosed some time-tested legacies that were built and maintained single-handedly by the union’s founding fathers since the creation of the union in 1925 for the collective goals and aspiration of the entire Oro ethnic nationality.
In his speech, one of the keynote speakers at the event, Chief Effiong Nsungusi explained that no country and people can make headway by hypocrisy and sycophancy, alleging that the current political leaders from the region are selfish and self-centred.
‘in my local government area where a national commissioner as well as a senator come from, one person cornered four transformers meant for the whole community into his immediate community. How can someone execute greediness to such a level? he asked.
Chief Nsungusi was very emotional while delivering his address at the event even as youth in the attendance were hailing him over his courage to speak the truth to power at the occasion.
Another keynote speaker, Barr. Asukwo Unuyu in his address lamented non-availability of infrastructure and economic development of the region, adding that the resolution of the National Assembly recommending Oro communities to be added to oil rich areas was flouted consistently by the state government.
Barr. Unuyu further disclosed that the region has contributed over 98 per cent of human and material resources to the state government, emphasizing that the whole region comprising many local government areas have been consistently marginalized, deprived, oppressed, alienated and dehumanized by the governments at the centre and in the state.

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