Fun! Laughter! Food! Love! These are not words you would associate with a workplace but they are words every employee at D-Degree Digital Hub can relate to on a day-to-day basis. 

Of course, there are days of ‘judgment,’ the Monday staff meetings make sure of that. Then, there are days of enjoyment, Friday’s ‘moimoi’, other good times of real meals or snacks with soda make sure of that. 

D-Degree Digital Hub is a Digital Project Facilitation, Digital Marketing, and Fintech Solution Company with years of experience and uncommon achievements that boost businesses by providing essential foundations needed to make a business stand on creditable social media profiles, websites, advertisements/awareness strategies, among others. 

D-Degree has various subsidiaries, from DDNews to Acadatainment, media production and book publishing. D-Degree does a lot more! And something I’m personally proud of is its partnership with Google! 

Writing from the perspective of an intern, I was to work, learn and leave. But honestly, that wasn’t happening with the work atmosphere of D-Degree. I’d say working here has been amazing, there have been good times and bad but this place has been great. 

Personally, I learnt many things while being here, from working under pressure to being able to work with pressure and deadlines; this place pushes you past your limits and lets you realize that you have new limits.

One thing I truly admire about this place is the passion to get the customers satisfied. The constant pursuit of the customer’s satisfaction is out of this world! Like any other organization it is faced with its own challenges but these three months with them have shown me that you really can overcome and get through whatever you put your mind to. 

Every organization has the typical “we’re a family” talk but D-Degree has the “we’re a family” behaviour. 

This place taught me to stop being afraid of new challenges, new tasks, new objectives. It also taught me to not push myself too far, to remember that life is a process and you don’t become a genius over-night. 

Mr. Olaniyi Dopamu, the Founder and CEO of D-Degree is probably one of the kindest people I’d ever met, ever so welcoming, warm, considerate, compassionate and friendly. To him I say a ‘big thank you’ for literally everything.

At D-Degree I’ve learnt that it’s not enough to say “I’m not in the mood for work.” Working in the news department has shown me that whether you’re in the mood or not, news is timely and it has to get out fast. 

The Managing Editor of DDNews, Mr. Starrys Obazei has been an amazing kind man, his interest in my writing skills and constant encouragement truly brought them to light. I’m ever so grateful for him. 

And I can’t forget the Editor-in Chief, Mr. Ed Malik, I used to be so scared of him at first but he’s truly a fun expressive man; he has had so much experience that has opened my eyes to the world of news.

This piece would not be complete without Mr. Olawale Ipaye, the Manager of D-D Digital Hub. If anyone loves, I mean LOVES D-Degree, it’s Mr. Wale. He does so much behind the scenes, I don’t feel I would have become as good with my work as I have today without Mr. Ipaye.

D-Degree truly is blessed to have a Mr. Ipaye in their corner. He’s that member of staff that has real love for the organization, and that is truly inspiring to a novice like myself.

Coming in as an intern at D-Degree I was not expecting to grow so attached, like I said; the plan was to work, learn and leave but now I want to stay. 

To find a place like this is rare but I just happened to find such a wonderful place by Google searching: “Good Digital Marketing agencies near Ogba”. 

What an experience! My name is Olamide Alarape, a student of Babcock University and a proud intern at D-DEGREE DIGITAL HUB. 

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