This was indeed a royal interview. She’s the wife of Alhaji Mohammed Sabo Abdulkadir, The District Head of Giade, Kingdom of Katagum Emirate, Bauchi State.
Hajia Maryam Sabo Abdulkadir, the Founder, Director, HaghCare Foundation was born in Borno in the year 1976 when his dad served as a police officer. She started school at Gombe High School in 1982, where she did her nursery 1 and 2, and proceeded to primary education when she was seven years old in Gombe State, from 1984 – 1988.
Afterwards, she proceeded to the Women Teachers College, Kano State from 1990 – 1994 and after this, got married to her husband, Mohammed Sabo, the Sarkin Giade of Katagum Emirate, Bauchi State. Her HaghCare Foundation is impacting greatly on her people, state and beyond. She shared her joy of reaching out to people with Ed Malik, Editor-in-Chief.

DDNEWS: What values do you subscribe to in relation to others, especially the less privileged?

My religion teaches me how to value and share with people irrespective of their tribes, religions and economic status.

I really appreciate healthy people and I dislike seeing people living in unhealthy conditions because of ignorance and poverty.

So, I used to associate and participate in my people’s engagements, festivals, and ceremonies.

You know what? I always wanted to see humans living in a healthy environment, eating balanced diets, going for vaccination, attending to hospitals within a time frame and always smiling with neighbours, friends and family.

DDNEWS: What is the mission of HaghCare Foundation, and how long has it been in existence?

My noble organization HaghCare was founded and established in the year 2020, 16th of February , I got my CAC registration in the same year around June or July, 2020.

And as it is stated in the profile of this organization, the mission statement involves:

To enlighten my people to think positively in relation to their health.

To support the government in the delivery of any health care intervention.

To mobilize people on the environmental sanitation, hand hygiene and water sanitizing in order to break the chain of disease transmission.

Using the available resources within our context also to teach people, especially our mothers in the village, in the preparation of food that will promote our health.

You know knowledge will remain as power as it is, so giving people the basic of it, their life will be modified and they will act positively.

DDNEWS: Where is your primary area of operation and structure of your foundation?

The Young Shall Grow Transport Company started with fewer buses, that is why he even named the company YOUNG SHALL GROW and now he was recognized as a major company in that field of transportation. I did not hesitate to be like other local Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are running well in experience during my consultation in consolidating the HaghCare in the belief that when building humanity umbrella, one must have to come across a number of broken bridges that may bring about set-backs in the system.

To God be the glory. I’m lucky enough to have such a husband by my side. I will never forget his contribution, courage and financial support for me.

My husband Hakimi understands the differences between the Hakimi, male gender, and the Hakimi, the feminine.

The Hakimi sacrificed one of his guest houses to the baby organization to be used as office.

Some time, even his official driver was used in running the affairs of the HAGHCARE.

Coming to this juncture, is like my and his people are hired to actualize my dreams in bringing this baby organization to start crawling out of the local scope.

DDNEWS: In which areas has the Foundation been intervening in the lives of your people?

Right from the inception we firstly focused in the areas of why are we having maternal and infant mortality in my area.

My local government area ranked from the national rating as high risk LGA in the whole Nigeria.

I used to feel unhappy and ask: Why are my people now dying, what are the factors behind this menace and is there no way out of it?

I went to the LGA and talked to the Director of Primary Health Care as a partner in progress, held a meeting together and asked the local government chairman for political support.

After this, we itemized the root causes, major areas with higher report, from there I direly concluded to use what I had to go round to my people in the remote areas to wake them overcome this problem.

In fact I have no second hand information to tell my people because I build a team of experts and trained professionals in health.

They optimally supported me in making the campaign a success. We went round district by district, more especially, where there was no maternity.

Besides all these, my husband directed his village heads and hamlet to extend the message to their down-liners.

During the Covid -19 pandemic we also planned and conducted a number of sensitization and rallies.

I also supported less privileged people with some commodities like Indomie noodles, rice, millet and some provisions that may support parents to take care of their family.

DDNEWS: How do you source funds to carry out your programs?

You know I’m a Fulani, and have some inherited cattle of my family remaining which I used to dispose of and use the money, with some financial support from my husband. Fiends and well-wishers also used to send what they feel they could afford to serve humanity.

There’s no any other supporting hand, indeed!

DDNEWS: Has your being married to a traditional ruler conferred on you special privileges?

Marriage on itself is a privilege, when talking on being married to a traditional ruler is a destiny and a match made in heaven, I used to feel no superiority of any kind, because my darling husband is not just a traditional ruler he has a western qualification from London and worked in different capacities for quite a long time and being that doesn’t stop him from accepting the position of his late father as Sarkin Giade, the 5th on the throne.

With little Western life experience I and my husband had, we are seeing life as a staircase to climb and remove the problem around you and find a solution to it.

With great pleasure this noble HaghCare have made it easy for me and my husband in going with our kingdom.

As far as I honestly concerned, ‘a healthy people make a productive nation’.

When your people understand their health, they will have less health related crisis.

DDNEWS: Have you received any official recognition or award for your services to humanity?

Well a number of local organizations including student association and a professional student union have presented number of wards to me and to the HaghCare Foundation too, but I did not receive from outside of government.

DDNEWS: We noticed that most of your correspondences and communication are done in Hausa language. Does it mean your services are closed to those who don’t understand the language?

Not really, Hausa is just a language and is not the language that matters, the knowledge and the information that the message entails and the magnitude at which people will be modified upon to change and accept the change to move their lifestyles and modify the culture- traditional beliefs and disbeliefs.

DDNEWS: What do you think individuals or governments or donor agencies can do to support your programs and reach more people?

Like any other organization, it is the fund we receive from the donors, individuals and government that assist us to run and project their objectives.
I’m equally in need of such potential support to diversify the capacity and the capability of my organization to the whole state and even other states.

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