By Ed Malik, A / October 1, 2022

A leading political economist and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain from Cross River State, Dr. Evaristus Abang, has called on the governors of the south-south to urgently remove the representatives of the zone in the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party, saying they have outlived their usefulness.

In a Statement issued to the media in Calabar on October 1, 2022, Abang specifically urged the governors to remove Professor Stella Effa-Attoe (national women leader) from Cross River State and Chief Dan Orbih from Edo State, for their inglorious role in the carefully choreographed media debacle to paint a bellicose image of the party in an internal matter of allowances which was transparently approved by the NWC for all categories of staff.

The Chieftain said, “it is only their removal that will protect the sanctity of south-south representation in the leadership of the party”, noting that “the zone has been known for robust political activism and quality representation devoid of playing to the gallery to support a skewed narrative being peddled by a certain Governor”.

The political economist explained that the Party is looking for solution to rekindle hope of despairing Nigerians who have borne the brunt of APC’s out-of-control government that left Nigeria is a downward slide with no visible break in sight except PDP steps in.

“According to what we have read from the media, the housing allowance is just an entitlement of their office and the matter was approved by the NWC without any ulterior motive but what the four-backsliding southern NWC members have done is to expose other members to unnecessary pressure.”

He recalled that four members of NWC, who unfortunately had two members from the south-south had thought a media stunt of returning duly approved housing allowance claiming ignorance of the source or motive would put them in better reckoning not knowing that every discerning Nigerian saw through their hypocrisy.

Dr. Abang said, “for instance Dan Orbih is a disgrace in the way he has fueled and escalated the PDP crisis in his home State without showing leadership but rather have made himself a stumbling block to every efforts to reconcile the members and cooperate with their governor”.
Continuing, he said, “look at Edo State, you hardly know that it is a PDP State because Dan thrives in opposition and has so weaponized some social media militia to write nonsense about their governor”, he quipped.

As for the Professor Stella, he said, “it is rather unfortunate that she didn’t fully grasp what her office entails and the constituency of women members of the party she is supposed to lead”, noting that “her office calls for courage and not pandering to propaganda theatrics.”

He said, that apart from calling on the governors to remove these two individuals for not representing the zone well, “we will be mobilizing members from all south-south States to intensify the campaign for their removal and replacement with persons with broad interest of the zone in their hearts”, Abang disclosed

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