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Big Brother Season 7 Amaka’s eviction is still evoking emotional discussions and many of her implacable fans, in spite of the reality, believe that she was “unjustly evicted” because it was out of their hands to save her with votes.

Even though, the show has always been known for unexpected turns and twists, an analyst who chose to be anonymous, said “Amaka’s cup was full.

“She had stepped on many toes, even the toes of Biggie himself.

“Though she was not evicted because of this, it added to the odious disposition of the housemates towards her.

“On Sunday, shortly before the eviction of the fake housemate Modela, Big Brother dramatized the extent Amaka had violated the house rule on the use of microphone by calling Amaka’s name four times, emphasizing her incorrigible nature.

“Biggie even called a ninja to hand over the house rules book, which she read.

“Even Digifia confirmed how he warned her several times to always wear her microphone. 

“Amaka was given a strike because of disobeying the house rules on microphone use. But she had also been punished for spoiling the microwave in the house. A case of multiple irritable acts!

“After the strike, she got in the room and started blaming other housemates for even speaking to her when they saw she wasn’t wearing her microphone.

Aside being a problematic individual, she was noisy, quarrelsome. She was involved in heated gossip that involved her supposed best friend Phyna and Groovy relationship which lingered and stressed the house for a long time and then there were alleged rumours associating her with the used sanitary pads littering the house. 

“Bryan once explained an incident between them to some housemates, saying, “she lacks emotional intelligence” because she brings problem when there is none. There was the case of the meat pie where she started complaining and the case of his own noodles where she requested to add some noodles for her and wanted to take over the cooking to suit herself alone ignoring the fact that a guy wanted to cook and eat noodles alone in the first place.

“The final and overall reason was the fact that some housemates’ nominations didn’t count since not all are real housemates. Amaka was tied with Doyin who is also hated in the house but Deji’s vote against Doyin didn’t count, so Amaka took the lead and so got evicted immediately.

Again, the timing of the emergency eviction was not favourable for Amaka, whose opinion poll was the least at the time on the minds of housemates who allegedly linked her name with everything bad. And this is where a 20-year man is still inconsolably angry with Big Brother for using housemates to evict Amaka.

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