Save Lives, Help Economy by Resolving Insecurity — South Korean Amb tells FG

Starrys Obazei | November 10, 2022.

The Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea to Nigeria, Kim Young-Chae, has urged the Federal Government to address the issue of insecurity in order to save lives and help the economy.
Young-Chae made this call during a press briefing in Abuja.
The South Korean envoy who declined comments on the security alerts issued by the United States Embassy and the British High Commission, Abuja, however, said the position of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea is that it intended carrying out its activities as normal.
He also said the Embassy had directed Korean nationals in Nigeria to take precautionary measures, while also carrying out their activities as usual.
“Regarding the security situation in Nigeria, Nigerians are bothered in terms of economy, in terms of daily life, et cetera. From time to time, I read articles regarding kidnap or farmers, et cetera.
“Even agriculture is negatively affected due to security challenges. So, it should be resolved as soon as possible in order to save lives, in order to save the economy,” Young-Chae said.
Young-Chae also said there are huge challenges currently in the country regarding about 35 percent of young Nigerians who have no jobs.
He stated that the best way to solve security challenges in the country was to create more jobs so that unemployed young people will have something to do and be useful.
Young-Chae added that this was what informed the Federal Government’s move to assist more manufacturing companies in the country which will naturally create more jobs.
Speaking further, Young-Chae lamented that most Nigerian borders were porous, saying that anybody can cross over to Nigeria, including terrorists.
“So, how to maintain your border so that you can prevent terrorists from coming in is basically something I think needs to be resolved urgently.
“And most Nigerians are innocent and they are actually victims in many ways, in terms of their livelihoods, in terms of their property, in terms of their daily lives,” Young-Chae also said.

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