Some people may be angry about Wike not being taken as VP, sources close to authoritatively confirmed that even People’s Democratic Party stakeholders were angry themselves for Wike’s ‘inability’ to win.
Explaining the reason, the sources said even the stakeholders were saddened by the fact that they couldn’t make the impossible to happen. “Wike won all nominations and even majority support from Party leaders to be Vice President. It is very evident in the about 95% votes he had in the VP Nomination Committee,” the sources said.

Adding, another source revealed: “Atiku was not responsible, in fact, Atiku would have loved Wike to be his Vice, but unfortunately, the new Electoral Law spoilt the show.
“As someone who contested in an election, you cannot be taken to Deputize for the Candidate who emerged from that election and you can’t also go to another Party to contest. “This is why even APC could not take Ahmad Lawan as Vice to Tinubu. The Electoral Law is unfortunately the reason and a sad one at that. “However, I do not think the Governor Nyesom Wike himself has any problem with it, he had not for once spoken about being VP, it was the Party that seriously needed his strength, energy and experience in the race, hence their call and support for him to be the Vice without realizing the hindrance from the electoral law.
“So I do not think many of the Party leaders are even happy that the new Electoral Law made it impossible.’

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