8th JULY 2022| 1:33PM

If you are a prospective applicant, you seem to look at Canada’s vision with immigration from a different aspect.

Canada does not have a good size of population yet. Therefore, reasonably, there are not enough industrial parks and service sectors that have flourished yet. As a result, certainly there are not enough jobs for all categories of folks in this massive, wide-stretched country.

A country of nearly 10 million sqkm and mere 37.6 million people in it so far, Canada needs at least 350,000,000 more people to moderately and evenly populate the country.

The more people they can bring in the more industrial and service sectors will expand that will create enough jobs.

The vision of Canada is just simple.

The governments look at its own needs as a priority—to populate the country. So, there is no reason to see the government as negatively exploiting the immigrants. Instead, the government, with the incoming immigrants along, is looking forward to making Canada a self-depended country with enough citizens and residents.

However, these efforts of the government will ultimately benefit both the country and those who will be living here in the future— the future Canadians. The in-coming immigrants are simply expected to contribute to keeping up on to that goal.

After all, Canada is a developed nation. And this great country has a lot of resources to maintain a quality living standard for its people.

Source: Quora

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