FG Decries Governors' Treatment of Local Governments

Paschal Emeka, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari has criticized State Governors, over what he described as unfair treatment meted out on the third tier of government.

Buhari who has been strengthening advocacy and autonomy for local government administration in the country alleged that such a domineering stance of state governors was counterproductive to the entire country.

The President said it beats one’s imagination how some state governors will collect, N100 million from the federal allocation and then go around to present N50 million to the Local Council Chairmen then cap it up by compelling the Council boss to sign that he or she collected N100 million.

Buhari warned that such actions are rather despicable and speak of the height of corruption in Nigeria.

The President made the allegation on Thursday, at the Presidential Villa Abuja, while speaking at a Presidential Parley with participants of the Senior Executive Course 44 (2022) of the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru.

“I feel it is necessary to digress after this speech and this digression is a result of personal experience.

“A Chief Executive of a state is a qualified lawyer, trained. The treatment of local governments, what he did, is my personal experience. If the money is from the Federal Government to state governments, let’s put it at N100 million. N50 million will be sent to the chairman with a letter that he would sign that he received N100 million.

“The governor will pocket the balance of N50 million and share it with whoever he wants. And then the chairman of the local government would be struggling to pay salaries, and what goes into development?

“Money for salaries will be given, someone will put it in his pocket, this is happening in this Nigeria and it’s a terrible thing. You cannot say the person doing that is not educated. He is a qualified lawyer. He is experienced and is participating in this type of corruption.

“It’s a matter of personal integrity. Whichever level we find ourselves, the elite has to sit and make all the sacrifices for the country. This is why we are putting you through institutions and getting you ready to lead. The fundamental thing is personal integrity”.

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