Did you know the Zipper was once banned?

Welcome to the zipper, the world’s most underrated yet essential invention! The zipper has been keeping our pants, jackets, and bags together for over a century, and we don’t give it enough credit. But, do you know how the zipper came to be? Spoiler alert: it’s a hilarious story!

It all started in 1851 when a guy named Elias Howe, Jr. filed a patent for an “automatic, continuous clothing closure.” Yes, that’s right; the zipper was first called a “clothing closure.” But, Elias Howe was too busy with his other invention – the sewing machine, to pay attention to his new creation. So, the patent expired, and the zipper was forgotten.

Fast forward to 1893, and a man named Whitcomb Judson from Chicago thought it was time to revolutionize the shoe industry. He invented a device he called the “clasp locker,” which consisted of hooks and eyes that would close shoes with a single pull. Sounds familiar, right? Well, the clasp locker was a bit tricky to use and didn’t do well in the market, but it planted the seed for the zipper.

A couple of years later, Judson met an engineer named Gideon Sundback, and the two of them worked on refining the clasp locker. Sundback was the one who added teeth to the device, making it easier to close and open. He also renamed it the “separable fastener,” which isn’t as catchy as “zipper,” but we’ll let it slide.

In 1913, the first-ever zipper was born! It was used on boots and tobacco pouches and was known as the “Hookless No. 2.” It wasn’t until 1923 when B.F. Goodrich started using zippers on their rubber boots that the zipper became popular.

But, here’s the funny part. In the 1930s, the zipper was deemed too sexual! Yes, you read that right. It was considered a provocative item of clothing and was banned in movies, theaters, and public places. It took a long time for the zipper to shake off its naughty reputation and become the mundane, everyday item we know today.

So, there you have it, the hilarious history of the zipper! From Elias Howe to Whitcomb Judson and Gideon Sundback, this small device has come a long way. Who knew that something as simple as a zipper could have such a fascinating past? Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the zipper and the convenience it brings to our lives.

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