Korean Hospital, Shut Down by Authorities, Denies Purported Media Reports of Illegal Operations

Paschal Emeka, Abuja | February 6, 2023

The management of Acupuncture Therapy and Spa, Abuja has described as fake news and blatant lies news making round that the their facility was shut down after ICIR report and PHERMC visits.

In a press statement in Abuja on Monday 6th February, 2023, signed by one Muhammad Mahmood, Media Adviser Acupuncture Therapy and Spa titled
‘Re: Illegal Korean Hospital Shuts Down After ICIR report, PHERMC visits facility,’ the outfit berated some online media for peddling falsehood.

According to Mamood: “t is with so much passion and to set the record straight that we wish to state that our spar center has never been shut down because of any report purported by a news website, as carried by some online reports a few days ago.

“According to the report, the Lilu specialist hospital has been closed. It also demonstrates that the hospital was run illegally in Nigeria by a North Korean named Jongsu Kim, who claimed to be Chinese for four years in Abuja.

“In the report, the author also claimed that some highly placed Nigerians, including presidency officials and senior advocates, were patronizing the hospital.

“We hereby state that the report creates a great deal of misunderstanding among readers by giving the impression that the hospital was shut down and that they are operating an illegal venture.

“To remove this confusion created by the false information in this piece, we are stating that the facility was not forced by any authorities to shut down its activities as claimed, but they are attending some functions approved by the Korean Embassy since they are not operating a full-time organization.

“Secondly, the reports online show that the expatriates were operating a hospital by the name of LILU.

“This is to inform the general public that the Korean has never operated under Lilu Hospital, it is just a mere speculation, but they only operate an Acupuncture as an alternative therapy for body muscle straightening, and a Spa.

“Furthermore, in all of the reports, the author kept mentioning the name Jongsu Kim, but it was false; out of desperation, the report went further at mentioning a name that never exist in the facility.

“Perhaps, the name of proprietor/supervisor in the facility, close to what was obtainable in the report is KIM YUN HAK as against Jongsu Kim.

“This further exhibit the desperation of the desperados to tarnish the image of the facility.

“The reports also show that the operators of the facility are Koreans who claim to be Chinese, which is also false based on the purported investigation conducted by the authors of the report.

“One interesting fact to note is that Mr. Hak and his team were advised to take further measures to ensure full registration of their center with all relevant authorities in Nigeria, and as law-abiding members of the diplomatic corps, they have already taken measures to ensure they do their best to support the Nigerian government’s policies.

“More information is available about this false report intended to tarnish the image of innocent people. We shall stand firm in promoting an avenue for providing meaningful and relevant information to the public in order to enlighten the general audience with analysis and depth, and not a vendetta!

“It is on black and white that whoever is behind the report is only interested in creating mischief to the personalities of staff and the facility in general.

“We therefore call on the general public to kindly disregard this mischief.

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