Patience Ozokwo Bares Mind on Divorce, Separation, why she did not RemarryJohnson and Patience Ozokwo

By Starrys Obazei | January 24, 2023

Sixty-four-year-old Patience Ozokwo recently in an interview on Mercy Johnson’s weekly cook show, ‘Mercy’s Menu,’ said God is against divorce, not separation; also, she bared her mind on why she did not remarry.

According to the Vanguard, she said: “God is not against separation. What God doesn’t want is divorce.

“Coming from a Christian background, we are not allowed to divorce.

“If you pray and the man turns around to become something else, escape for dear life because it is only those who are alive that can tell the story. When you are dead, nobody can tell.”

Patience further spoke about infidelity, saying, “she was not going to leave her marriage for anyone.”

“Me, I’m not going to leave my house for anybody, you are the visitor that came in. Find your way out.

“I will hold my family, polish it, sweep out all the dirt, and then have a peaceful home again.”

“Coming from a Christian background, we are not allowed to divorce.

Also, Patience Ozokwo revealed why she did not remarry, after the death of her husband years ago.

The Nollywood star said her children begged her not to, promising to be there for her.

She said: “I wanted to remarry, but my kids had already come of age and they pleaded with me not to marry another man.

“And they promised that they will be my husband.

“They asked me to stay single for them so their friends will not laugh at them, that at their age their mum remarried.

“I understood them. Though it was selfish of them, I paid the huge sacrifice for them. No sacrifice is too huge for family.”

On Mercy Johnson and dressing, the veteran actress also reflected on how she counseled Mercy to stop indecent dressing.

Patience Ozokwo asked Johnson: “Do you remember when you were younger before you got married when I told you that the photos you take today, your children will see them tomorrow and ask questions immediately about the kind of lifestyle you lived?”

Mercy Johnson, in response, acknowledged the statement.

She said: “Yes, you did. You told me, Mercy, dress properly, you will have kids and when they grow up, they will ask you, why were you looking this way.
“Yes, I remember. I’m lucky.”

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