Retired General Blames Nigeria's Current Woes on Colonial Masters

Paschal Emeka, Abuja.

The Current Socioeconomic and political upheaval being experienced in Nigeria, should not be blamed on the leadership but on those that led the country before Independence till 1960.

This was the opinion of General John Gbor (retd), the author of a book titled “Nigeria: A Nation Yearning for Moral Regeneration and Unity”.

General Gbor while speaking during the public presentation of his book over the weekend in Abuja, called on Nigerian youths to put Nigeria first and shun ethnic or religious differences put before us by the country’s colonial masters.

In his book, the author informed that readers might find solutions to Nigeria’s challenges, moral and unity transitions of the country in our society vis- a- vis the diverse ethnic groups, since the colonial era till date.

To attain a better nation for the future, the author explained that his book had chronicled all necessary and historical events from the pre-colonial era which has shaped the Nigerian political morals and practices as well as the roles played by colonial masters and Nigerian leaders over the years.

He explained further that almost every decision made then by the colonial masters has shaped the thoughts and mindset of Nigerians even in the current society.

The author insisted that the unity of Nigerians was the idea of Nigerians from across the country and not the agenda of the British colonial masters, adding that every Nigerian must rally around to make sure that the country remains one united, indivisible entity, for a better tomorrow and posterity.

“The book is a must-read for all Nigerians especially in this political season as we approach the 2023 elections”,

The book examined the factors that led to the agitations of some ethnic groups today for secession from the Nigerian union as well as tells the history of Nigeria from when the British first stepped into Nigerian soil till when three colonies were created out of the current Nigeria geographical landscape until these separate colonial administrative centers were finally merged to form the country called Nigeria today.

The schemings by the British Colonial authority to keep Nigeria divided for political expediency in that era were also highlighted while expatiating on the roles of indigenous Nigerian domestic staff of the British Colonial Masters who insisted on the unity of Nigeria against all odds.

It would be recalled that General Gbor was the 2019 Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, and the Chairman of the John Gbor foundation based in Abuja.

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