Advocacy Group Tasks FCT Residents on Peaceful, Harmonious Coexistence

Paschal Emeka, Abuja | May 31, 2023

An Advocacy Group, popularly known as Advocate for Better Leadership and Sustainable Rural Development Initiative (ABLE ) has stressed the need for sustainable peaceful coexistence among residents of the Federal Capital Territory.

The group who made this assertion at a press conference in Abuja maintained their commitment to harmonious coexistence between the pastoralists, farmers, and others.

According to the group’s Zonal Coordinator, Comrade Kenka Ibeji,
“as stakeholders in the FCT economy, our humongous investments shall greatly suffer if any avoidable disturbance happens to the Nigerian Democratic Project and concomitantly the FCT which is the acclaimed melting pot of the Nigerian Nation.

“We are committed to maintaining the symbiotic mutually beneficial relationship between the pastoralists, farmers, and those who are engaged in business and commerce to redound into concrete tangible benefits for all, which is why we have stretched our imagination to engage in confidence building, bridge building and relaxation of tension measures specific to all the residents of the FCT of Abuja.

“We hold this truth to be self-evident that the founding fathers of the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja had the best of intentions in the founding of Abuja through the 1976 enabling law for the quality of space, quality, health, profit, and aggrandizement and we are determined to hold fast to that profession of faith.

“We appeal to all Nigerians to acknowledge, reiterate and acknowledge the truism that peaceful dialogue is better than the language of arms.

” We have fortified in the history of the decolonization and independence movements that the truth shall in the end prevail so we appeal to all Nigerians resident in the FCT to robustly engage and canvass for enduring peace and sustainable development which is a desideratum in tandem with the dominant national mood.

“The Struggle is our life and we appeal to all Nigerians to join hands with us and move Nigeria forward beginning with the FCT. There shall be nothing to be lost and everything to be gained if we give peace a chance.

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