Our Reforms, Programmes Will Guarantee Brighter Future for Edo’s Next Generation, says Obaseki
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By Ed Malik, A | ed@ddnewsonline.com |
posted September 26, 2023

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has said his government’s reforms and programmes over the past six years has set the foundation for the rebirth of the State, guaranteeing a better, brighter future for Edo’s next generation.

Obaseki, who stated this while briefing journalists, said he is in politics to create wealth and opportunities for the future.

The governor noted, “It has to be about the future. Why we are in politics is to create wealth and opportunities for the future, not for ourselves.

“If people like Awolowo, Enahoro and the rest acted only in self-interest, we would not have gotten the advantage that brought us to where we picked up from. I am a politician who works for the next generation.”

Stressing that the government is leveraging the State’s competitive advantage to drive economic growth and development, the governor stated, “Yet again, we are very fortunate in Edo State. Our land, apart from being strategically located, is also diverse. We have almost everything.

“We have good vegetation that sustains a wide variety of crops which serve as raw materials. We have some of the largest onshore reserves for gas which is an energy source. Outside of Kaduna and Zamfara, we have the largest number of mining licences. We already have the basics for industrialization. We have agriculture and raw materials for industries; we have energy from gas and we have mineral resources.”

He added, “So, all we need to do is train our human capacity, which is the reason for the emphasis on education. We cannot continue to buy things from around the world, that’s our dilemma today. So, for us in Edo, we see ourselves as the industrial hub. It’s a very deliberate strategy. We want to build our own industrialization based on our natural resources.”

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