Why El-Rufai’s Vitriolic Attacks on President Buhari is Not a Surprise – Shehu Sani
By Ed Malik, A | ed@ddnewsonline.com |
posted February 13, 2023

Former lawmaker and popular civil rights activist, Senator Shehu Sani has adduced reasons why he thinks Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State is now brutally taking on President Muhammadu Buhari in a war of unabashed cringe vituperations.
Sani was reacting to the recent and unrelenting outbursts and carefully choreographed media stops of the governor lambasting President Buhari at every opportunity over undisclosed issues connected to the presidential election.
In an interview reported by the DAILY POST in Abuja on Tuesday, the former lawmaker said El-Rufai rose to stardom on the crest of the President and needed nothing from him any more as continue his warped loyalty.
The ex-law maker said: “Buhari should expect more attacks and open and direct insults from Elrufai for three reasons.
“El-Rufai’s loyalty to Buhari has expired. He has gotten everything he wanted from Buhari, and Buhari is no more useful to him.
“Buhari’s power and influence in politics has come to an end; El-Rufai has shifted camp to Tinubu.
“El-Rufai is serving Buhari the venom of his real self.
“Buhari abandoned all his good friends who served and sacrificed for him over the years in Kaduna because of his love for El-Rufai. We warned him against El-Rufai but he ignored; it’s time for Buhari to know that what he incubated and elevated is not a millipede or centipede but a serpent.
“I have never ever believed that El-Rufai likes Buhari. I have never ever believed that El-Rufai has ever been loyal to Buhari. I knew it was a pretense all the while and I knew that this day would come. El-Rufai simply stooped to get all he wanted from Buhari and now Buhari is of no use to him.
“El-Rrufai spent 8 years praising Buhari and Buhari spent 8 years praising El-Rufai each time he came to Kaduna; Buhari trusted keeping a scorpion close to his groin.
“Tinubu should be careful with El-Rufai. El-Rufai’s preference was Amaechi and not Tinubu. Kaduna APC delegates voted for Amaechi and not Tinubu.
“Tinubu should be careful so that El-Rufai should not drag him to start fighting with people whom he ordinarily should have no reason to fight. El-rufai will create more enemies for Tinubu than friends.
“El-Rufai is a friend and beneficiary of the CBN Governor. His fight against cashless policies is not about the common people; it’s about the fear of losing power.
“El-Rufai is never a man for the poor and he will never be”, he concluded.

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